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31 questions that will change your life


31 questions that will change your life

Who said that there had to be an absolute answer for each and every question? Sometimes the ability to ask yourself questions’ an act to challenge yourself and help you to be a better person. Try the following questions that may change your life.

1.     Are you doing what you truly want to do?

2.     Do you have a dream to follow?

3.     Are you proud of what you’re doing or what you’ve done?

4.     How many promises you have made and how many of them you have fulfilled?

5.     What’s the one thing you really want to do but have never done so, and why?

6.     Have you ever failed anyone who you loved or loved you?

7.     Will you take a shot if the chance of failure and success is 50-50?

8.     If you could travel to the past in a time machine, what advice would you give to the 6-year-old you?

9.     Will you break the rules because of something/someone you care about?

10.  Have you ever abandoned a creative idea that you believed because others thought you were a fool?

11.  What would you prefer? Stable but boring works or interesting works with lots of workload?

12.  Are you afraid of making mistakes even though there’s no punishments at all?

13.  If you would clone yourself, which of your characteristics you wouldn’t want to be cloned?

14.  What’s the difference between you and most of the other people?

15.  Are you making some influences on the world or constantly being influenced by the world?

16.  The thing you cried for last time, does it matter to you now or will it matter to you 5 years later?

17.  Is there anything you can’t let go of but you know you should?

18.  Do you remember anyone you hated 10 years ago? Does it matter now?

19.  Which makes you happier, to forgive someone or to hate someone forever?

20.  What are you worrying about and what’s the difference if you stop worrying about it?

21.  If you’d die now, would you have any regrets?

22.  Which one would you prefer, having a luxurious trip alone or having a picnic with people you love?

23.  Who do you admire and why?

24.  Is there anyone who inspired you and made you who you are today?

25.  What’s the thing you’re most satisfied with?

26.  When was the last time you laughed and what did you laugh at?

27.  Are you doing anything which makes you and people around you happy?

28.  Is there anyone who you love or loves you?

29.  When was the last time you really talked with your parents/family?

30.  If happiness is a currency, how rich do you think you are?

31.  If today’d be the end of the world, what’d you do?




Ein Wort

Ein Satz ist Übung,
Ein Wort nur Gefühl.
Die Idee ist Fügung,
Eine Zeile, Kalkül.

Ein Absatz ist Anfang,
Eine Seite kein Leben.
Ein Blog gibt Anklang,
Eine Geschichte zu pflegen.

Ein Roman ist das Ziel,
Ein Buch der Traum.
Der Beruf ist kein Spiel,
Ein Blatt Papier gibt den Raum.

Ein Leser am Ende,
ist unser Gewinn.
Ein Preis an der Wende,
auch in unserem Sinn.

Die Worte, sie fließen,
einen endlosen Strom.
Unsere Leser genießen,
und das ist unser Lohn.

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